Smiling is a good brain exercise. It rushes oxygen to your brain. Besides that, when you smile you also bring smile to the faces of other people around you. And that is a great service to the others. Smile, even for a while, can bring happiness for people who are suffering from distress, anxiety or pain.

There are social psychology research that show our facial expressions do reflect our inner feelings, and by changing our facial expression, we can help to change our feelings too. In other words, when we smile we cannot feel angry for instance, at the exact moment we are smiling! It appears to be physiologically impossible.

Often, the simple act of smiling makes us feel better. It is impossible to stay angry or upset when you are smiling. When you are smiling, you are more approachable by others, which can benefit you in many different ways – whether it is making a new friend, a new business contact, or closing a deal. Furthermore, a smile comes through your voice. If you are smiling when you are talking on the phone, the other person knows it, and they are more receptive to you.

These are the three reasons why you should smile more often:

1. It will make you happy and put you in a positive mind.
2. It will cheer up other people making them more receptive to you.
3. It costs absolutely NOTHING!

When you smile at someone, in most cases, they will smile back. Sometimes, a simple smile at someone can make a bad day seem much better to that person. A simple smile in your direction from someone else can do the same for you. That smile gives you the realization that the bad day or situation will pass, and life will go on.

Anthony Robbins, the well-known motivational author and speaker, often talks about changing the way we feel by changing the way we move. If we’re feeling depressed, we can change our mood by smiling, holding our head up and shoulders back, and walking as if we’re confident.

There are different kinds of smile. Here they are:

1. The smile of enjoyment. You smile because you are happy. It’s a real smile!
2. The polite smile. You smile to say thank you to someone who gives you a present.
3. The listener-response smile. You smile just to encourage the person talking to you to continue talking.
4. The masking smile. You smile to hide what you really pain. In the other words, even though you feel sad and have many problems, you always try to make a smile on your face.

Your relationship skills are much more important than your professional skills. A beautiful smile on your face is going to give others a positive impression of your personality as a friendly person. People will like to associate with you. Smile brings beauty to your face, charm to your, and people will know you as a cheerful, friendly, loveable person.

Gary Simpson, an author in England said, “Smile. Make a big smile on your face before you get out of bed in the morning. You will get off to a happy start. Smile as often as you can throughout the day. It’s infectious. Usually when you smile, a smile will be returned.”

Give everyone you meet today a big smile and see what happens.

Start smiling now and be HAPPY!

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