a letter to my host fam (someday!3 month to go)

Padang, 22 October 2010

Dear host family,
I am Mega Liani Putri. My friends usually call me Mega or Ega. I am 15 years old. I come from a beautiful archipelago in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. I was born in Bukittinggi, 24 January 1995. Bukittinggi is a small town in West Sumatera, Indonesia. My family moved to Padang in August 1995 because of my father’s job. So, I almost spend my life in Padang. I am in the eleventh grade at SMAN 1 Padang. SMAN 1 Padang is an international standardized school. I go to science class.

I was born in a harmonious family. My father is Joni Rivai. He is 52 years old. He is an employer in P.T Semen Padang. P.T Semen Padang is an industry which produces many kinds of cement product. He is discipline, charitable, and hard-working father. He always protects all her daughters. My mother is Efrida. She is 45 years old. She works in a health centre in Ulak Karang, Padang. She is a strong mother. I have two sisters. My older sister is Mutia Lailani. She is 19 years old. She is a college student in Medical Faculty of Andalas University. She is a diligent girl. My younger sister is Adinda Ismira. She is 9 years old. She is still in forth grade in Elementary School. She is energetic and cheerful.

I am a friendly and easy-going girl. I like to make friends everywhere. Having many friends is cool and fun! My family and my friends know that I join many organizations out there. And they support me in everything that I do. My family and my friends always are there when I need them. I love them so much. I hope Allah always protects and loves them in every second in their life.

So far, I never get any serious problems with my family, especially my parents. If we get different ideas about something, we will discuss together. We will solve it and get the best solution. My family is demonstrative family. We never force anyone in our family to do or to be something. My parents let their daughters to do what they like to do as los as they do positive things. Actually, my parents teach me to be an independent girl. If I get a trouble, I will do as well as I can to solve it by my self. But if I need some suggestions, I will ask my parents and my older sister. By asking their suggestions and opinions, I will help me so much. Moreover, if I have problems in school, I will talk to my older sister or my mother. It makes me feel better and relieve.

As I told, I join many organizations and community. I join Students Organization at my school. I become the leader of Forum Annisa’. Forum Annisa’ is a forum of female Muslim in my school. I also join ROHANI ISLAM (ROHIS), a religious organization. I follow some extracurricular, such as Media Smansa, English Community, and GANAS. Media Smansa is a community of journalists while GANAS is an alliance to avoid drugs in school. As the members of Media Smansa, we have responsibility to publish Media Smansa once in tree month. I am as the coordinator of Profile Section. This year, I join English Community to improve my ability to communicate in English.

I want to join AFS Year Program because I want have many experiences about life. I want to know how to live in other country. I want to see how big this world. I am a curious girl. I am also interested in learning social life in a big country. I am an easy going girl. I can adapt to a new environment quickly. A new thing is interesting for me. I am friendly to, I want to make friends anywhere with anybody. I am also a cheerful girl. I don’t like to be sad and look weak in front of people. I always try to give pleasure expression in my face. I also can make anyone around me do not get bored on me. I like to make something new, special, and unforgettable. Spending some part of my life with you, ooh, it will be so amazing! We can make something new, special, and unforgettable together!

I have never been so frustrated. So far, I enjoy my life. But, there are times when I feel I am in a big trouble. First, when my parents do not allow me to do something. They have different ideas with me moreover if they get a strong reason. But, I know what I have to do. I will try to explain my reasons and pursue my parents as long I know that I want to do is not wrong. Second, I will feel bad when my friends are busy with their stuff. I do not like to be lonely. As the solution, I will find something to do so I forget my loneliness.

Life is never flat. Yeah… I know that it will be impossible if I never get any troubles. But, I am sure that trouble is a friend. Life is empty without troubles. Just let the troubles give colors in my life. One day, the trouble will show how strong and wonderful I am. I have God, family, and many friends. As long as they are there for me, I will never give in any troubles.

I have many dreams. I want to be an engineer. I want to be a college student in Bandung Institute of Technical (ITB). After graduating from ITB, I want to continue my study at Technische University of Munchen (TUM) in Germany. Besides being an engineer, I want to be an author. I want to make a world best seller book some day. I also want to be a journalist, especially to be a staff of Voice of America (VOA). I know have big dreams so I should do big works!

That’s all that I could share to you about my life. Hopefully, we will meet one day and make something new, special, and unforgettable together!

With love,
Ms. Mega Liani Putri

#i am the candidate of AFS-YES 2011/2012 (Alhamdulillah!)
and this is the letter that i wrote for the candidate of host family in USA🙂
i hope i get the best Aamiin😀

2 thoughts on “a letter to my host fam (someday!3 month to go)

  1. ega, the reader is someone who critism for any article. So,I give u some comment for increase some aspect. The first, I hope you revision some words in that letter like as los as( p.4 l.4), as well as(must be followed by the verb too(p.4)), the word “to”(p.6 l.4). Although is just some words but I can make the meaning is changed and somehow the host family will be confused and aggrieved to you. some, grow up ur grammar, vocabulary and the important thing is your attitude. I hope in the better years later, we can meet again somewhere. I notice that love is just for a while but friendship is endless. Last, be the struggle women in the USA and remember Allah swt wherever you are with praying five in a day. Good bye my close friend. see you in the next generations………Allahu ‘akbar.

    From : IMF

  2. Hi Mega,

    I am your new host mom! I am looking forward to meeting you soon – in one week you will be here in the United States and your host dad and I are very excited to meet you! You sound like an amazing person and we hope that you will be very happy living with us for the school year. We hope you have a safe trip here. See you in one week!

    With love,
    Your host mom (Brenda) and host dad (Troy)🙂

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