smile, hello, how are you?

#days in Church Camp, august 11-15, with The Sims and Mee (my host family and a friend from thailand)

#\i met alot of new people here. wow. americans! you know, before, i am a little bit worried about their opinion about me. yeaaah.. i wear different cloth, i wear scarf (hijab). but you know what? they all smile at me! everybody said `hello`, `how are you?`, `nice to meet you`, and they also wished `have a great year in USA!` or `enjoy your year!`.

mm.. there was a girl said like this to me `hey, your cloth is weird. i like it!` hahaha.. maybe yes, it’s weird, but yeaaah… they like it too❤ so, no worry! enjoy your life here!

remember, when you smile, a smile will come to you🙂

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