#Journey to Washington DC

this story started on August 6, 2011 at 7.45 p.m. my first flight was Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur. it was about 2 hours filght. then, the next flight was another Malaysia Airlines to Frankfurt. it took 12 hours. huuuh.. but i enjoy 5 hours in Frankfurt airport. you know, it’s GERMANY! Oh God, i got a chance (i hope not for once in a lifetime) to step on Germany. i saw Germany from the sky. it’s cool! thanks God for the chance! the last flight was United Airlines to Dulles International Airport. it took 8 hours. okay, it’s much better than flying to frankfurt.

AFS Volunteers picked us up. by bus, we went to Hilton Hotel, oh, it’s a wonderful hotel. i met many frineds from India, Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, Ghana, South Africa, Mozambique. at least, we just said hello to each other. awesome!

<August 8 was the first day of the yes arrival orientation 2011. we went to Union station for budgeting exercise. i got $10 and i had to spend it for at least 3 stuffs. i bought some souvenirs by that money😀 next, we went to US Department of State, such a welcoming meeting for YES scholars. then, we went to Islamic Centre in Washington DC. it was awesome! i heard adzan for the first time in USA and prayed Ashr there.

next journey, i went to Hyatt Hotel for Ifthar (buka puasa). i met Indonesia embassador there, the president of AFS, imam Bashar Arafat (the president of Civilization Exchange and Cooperation Foundation), and other important people. Imam Bashar Arafat read al-qur'an there. oooh.. i was melting. such an amazing day!

august 9, the second day, we had a lot of sessions, such as being ambassador, an effective communication with host family, religions, and culture and religion in America (conducted by Imam Bashar Arafat). i learn a lot of things. thanks God! Imam Bashar Arafat was very awesome. he read Al-Qur'an verse in front of people, talked about Islam, he explained it well and briefly! it's inspired me a lot!

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