Into The Wild

I just finished reading Into The Wild, a book about Christopher McCandless (Alex Supertramp) by Jon Krakauer. It is a real story. Christopher McCandless was a 24-year-old young man who hitchhiked to reach The Bush, Alaska. He was trying to escape from everyone and his “previous” life. But his odyssey unfortunately ended by death. He died in 1994. His body was found inside an abandoned bus, The Magic Bus 142, in Denali National Park, Alaska.

It is such a wonderful story. I really learn a lot from Chris’ life. I learn about dream, passion, friendship, and family. Jon Krakauer reported his life so well. He traveled around and met the people that have met Chris before to get the correct story of Chris’ life.

I have been interested in real stories since I watched Freedom Writers in Crative Writing class. I coincidentally found this book in Barner and Nobles bookstore. I was looking for couple books requested by people at home. I read a few lines and I thought, “I must have this book!”

“Happiness only real when shared” -Christopher Mccandless

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