Being Ordinary

Let me tell you why I really enjoy my life here. No one knows who I am except I am an exchange student. No one cares where I come from except I am an Indonesian. No one asks about what I’ve done. No one cares if I laugh loudly. No one cares if I want to be alone. No one cares if I am in a bad day. Well, they give me space to have my own life. No one cares if I want to spend the time on Facebook. They know I miss people back home. No one cares if I take as many pictures as I want, they know I have only one year to do it. Everyone gives compliment to everyone. I don’t feel any special when people say, “Good Job!” That’s just the way I know people appreciate me. I feel no special when I got Distinguised Honor, A for all classes, many kids got the same. No one looks at me like I am so attractive. People greet me everywhere with smile and by saying my name, Mega. People smile at me as friends. I don’t have to worry about what they want from me because they are my friends. They do not treat me like I am different. I am Muslim and Asian, they know it. They respect my identity. There are people who smile everytime we meet and there are people who just pass me by. And I don’t care. I am no one, except my self. I do not get any “nickname”, any “label”, any “over-attention” that I do not expect, so I am not forced to be what I am not. I enjoy my life being an ordinary girl, an Indonesia exchange student whom they call a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, and friend. No more than that. And that’s all I want. I am special by what I do, not what I’ve done. Because my life is on going, and my past I left behind. I do not smile to please anyone. I do not laugh just to give life in a conversation. I smile because the joy I feel around. I laugh because I understand. I am special by who I am, not by what people talk about me. They want to know me more and more, they want to be family and friends forever, because who I am. So that’s why, I enjoy being ordinary.

Thanks Allah for this wonderful learning opportunity.

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