“It’s all about writing before I forget what my mind has thought about.” -Happy 4th year of blogging!

I remember when my teacher in Creative Writing class asked me why I wrote. I said, “I write to speak my silent words because I think the world is too full of loud-talking people.”

I find myself more comfortable in writing my ideas instead of speaking it loudly. I am not sure whether it is good or bad. I think it depends on the situation. Sometime, I feel it is wise to talk in written words. Sometime, I feel like I am a fool because I can’t speak directly to the people.

However, I think writing is important, whether you don’t want to say or you have said. Writing is too make the ideas last forever. At least, it will stay the same in where you put it until you decide to throw it in the dustbin.

This blog has been my great company. I feel like I am free to speak in my own space; here. I know some people follow my blog and some people may visit at any time, but everything that I write on here are not meant to satisfy or even offend somebody. I write because I want. I write because I can’t hold the ideas in my mind. They just want to come out in words. Also, I love to share the ideas and knowledge I have.  It’s just all about writing before I forget what my mind has thought about.

Currently, I am in my freshman year of college. I’ve been trying to get involve in many kinds of activities. Sometime, I see how people speak out easily. I have been impressed with those people. Well, there are just moments when I think I don’t need to speak. I just want to listen. I am not always quite, I promise. I just found myself do not speak as often and as loud as some other guys. I ask myself sometime, “Am I wrong?” Then, I tell myself, “Well, they don’t probably write like I do. That’s okay if I don’t speak like they do.” Everyone has its own way, right?

Living independently in this city (Bandung) gives me a chance to figure out more about what I can do with my own. I’m getting to know who I really am, what I am able to do, what I haven’t tried, and the opportunities I have. I think a lot more to decide about anything because I myself who responsible for the risk of anything I choose. Don’t you think this is the process of what people say “to be mature”?

I write on social media, too. I write on my agenda. I write on my phone’s memo. I write on the post-it cards. I write anywhere just to keep the ideas seen. Yes, seen. It doesn’t have to be heard.

Everyone has the right of independence. So, I am here; to enjoy the right I have, to be free.

Happy 4th year of blogging! Hope to find more interesting stuffs to write from what I sense in life!🙂


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