The truth is I have met some good guys who I thought they had the things I was looking for. But, there would be one day when I found that they treated girls not like I wanted them to. They shook hands, they hugged girls.

I am not saying that I’ve been treating guys properly like Islam teaches me to, but I can say that I’ve been trying. I made spaces.

It’s just sad that those good guys easily touch other girls whether it is in front of me or not. Whatever, I don’t care if you will call this jealousy. All I want is just my future will be someone who respects girls. If he’s been respectful to girls, it will be a good promise for me that he will be a good husband and a respectful father.

Call me naïve, I don’t care. But, I still believe that there is someone out there who knows how to treat girl properly like how Islam teaches him to. If he knows it well, he shall do it daily. It will be not hard for him to treat his future wife and daughter properly too.

Making spaces to unrelated girls are the way to protect them. The same way to me as a girl; making spaces between me and my guy friends are the way I respect them. It will be awkward if I say it is the way I protect them because guys shall protect girls. I am responsible to protect myself so that I can be the best gift for my future one.

Why am I really sensitive about this? I don’t really have idea to explain about, but all I can say that I’ve been trying. So, it would be nice to know that my future one has also been doing the same.

It would really hurt if someday I have a life partner and when we go out, he meets his female friends then they shake hands in front of me. I can’t imagine more if they even hug him because they used too?!

This is a phenomenon that haunts me. How many of guys in my age right now do practice Islamic rules about boys-girls relationship?

No matter how we deny it, saying that we are still young, but someday we will be a wife or a husband, a mother or a father. We have a name written by Allah and someday we will figure it out. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to disappoint him when he figures that it is me.

I am okay to be disappointed now by those good guys. Allah may remind me that it is not time to fall in love, yet. It is not time to meet my future, yet. I am not even ready and worthy to be found, yet.

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