I am ready to go.

Pretty soon I want to finish my college life. Finishing my bachelor degree and I am ready to go… To step up to the next adventure.

I write less. I think it’s because I stay too long in the same place and meet not so vary people.

I would love to discover new things, write new ideas..

And my simple wish after college is that I have more time to write.

I have a dream to finish the stuff about my exchange year, but it’s already almost five years without any good deal. I am stuck with some business that I had no intention. I didn’t regret of course, but I would like to come back to my own frame of a good life.

I want to spend my days writing about the love I received. I want to write about the lessons I learnt. I want to make time for writing about the people, the places, the memories…

You know, the feeling of missing you ownself? That’s what I feel right now. To be the girl that loves to write.

7 years now. I am writing less, but not tomorrow.


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